Sunday, 2 October 2011

A new life for Resurekt!!!!

Woohoo! We get the keys to our new workshop on Wewdnesday 5th of October, and we can't wait! We'll be in the Coates Paton Complex and we're both really looking forward to getting back into creating. The new workshop is bigger then the entire area of the shop, so there's room for a full workshop area for me (Cliff) that's easily separated from the clean areas for upholstering and sewing. So we'll soon have our house back to normal (instead of climbing over piles of fabric to get to the computer!) and will soon be able to start doing the markets. we'll keep everyone posted, so see you soon!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

New Direction

Hi everyone, sorry we haven't posted anything for a while but there's been a few quite significant changes in the Resurekt world. The biggest is that we have closed our shopfront in Invermay. There were several reasons for this, not the least of them being that it simply became too difficult to man (or woman) it. Both Matt and I have decided to take the business in a different direction and so, beginning in October you should be starting to see us at various local markets and we are currently working on an increased and more informative internet presence.  This will give us the opportunity to focus more directly on providing a high quality product, without the need to fill a whole shop! We will be moving into a workshop/studio space at the end of August, enabling us to centralise all of our work in one place, instead of a combination of our garage and the dining room table! We will keep all of you posted as to when and where, and the new pics will start very soon! And we both want to say a big thank you to our dearest friend and staunchest supporter, Tanya Murray (of  'Suburban Jubilee' fame). We couldn't have achieved so much in the time that we have been operating if it hadn't been for her (and Craigs) friendship and loyalty. Thanks also to all of the customers and friends that supported our gorgeous little shop. Stay tuned for our next incarnation!!!!!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hi everyone, it's been a while since we updated... been a busy time! We've been trying to get a bit more variety in the shop and we now have three different cushion makers! Abby, Tanya and myself (Cliff) have all got a couple in there now. We're re-purposing some Bolivian 'awayu's, and they look fantastic. We also have journals from Isis, scarves and baby blankets from Abby and Matt is churning out the Pear Doorstops! See you in-store soon!

Saturday, 30 April 2011

It's getting Cooler and we are sweating:)

Hello Blog world,
 This is one of our "Providence" boards. It shows the customer what the piece looked like when we found it. There is also a description of the things we have done to it. It gives the customer a better understanding of the piece.
 This top image is a 1970's love seat that we found. It was in a pretty bad state..but such a unique piece..we had to have it. A customer saw it in our workshop (at the back of the store) and purchased the chair on the spot. She proceeded to source her own fabric which was very expensive upholstery fabric.(I was a little nervous)...but below is the finished product. She was very pleased and I was very proud. It was for her husbands birthday (Today).
Things are going swimmingly at the shop. I am now officially out of the nest! I started Resurekt under the warm wings of 'NEIS" ( New Enterprise Incentive Scheme). This is a program run by the government to give a helping hand to anybody who fancies themselves as a small business owner. They give you training and a Mentor for your fist twelve a little financial help. Thanks to Launceston getting behind my creativity and supporting us...we are stronger than ever. We have now opened up the opportunity for people to bring in old furniture that they have collected...and we will resurekt it with our fabrics....or they can find there own special print. The furniture has to be in need of love! Not just a new upholstery job. We are trying to be a bit different and give the furniture an opportunity at a second life. So...we have been flat out. It's been a fantastic learning curve because I taught myself upholstery about 5 months ago.....This is why I havn't tackled anything that i feel is beyond my skill. My next move is to find an industrial sewing machine with a good piping foot. I am thinking of putting a "Wanted" notice in the local paper on the weekend. I don't have a huge amount of disposable cash...but I might be lucky with a bargain. Then I can get serious with some funkyness:)....and the old Bernette won't have to push herself so hard. Well...I am going to get back into some painting this weekend. I want to do some Trompe L'Oeil  on some little coffee tables...and see if people like them.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Innovation Sux!

Although we try to keep this blog fairly positive, I (Cliff) felt like a whinge. I'm sure that a lot of the bloggers on here that make and create can sympathise with my feelings at the moment. It is so frustrating that people don't realise the time and effort that goes into some of the work we all do.
The chair in the last posted pic that I was working on, took over two hours just to strip! That's before the repairs, the strengthening, the sanding and refinishing! And then it's onto the re-springing, padding and covering. We have had so much positive feedback in regards to Resurekt since we opened and we thank everyone for that, but recently I've been wondering if this concept is too early for Tassie. I sometimes look at our shop and think that some people must think we just throw a bit of old fabric and a splash of paint at a secondhand chair and expect a sale! Anyway, just had to purge a bit. Thanks. 

Hard at Work!

Thought we'd let you see the mayhem behind the magic... okay, it's not exactly mayhem, but you get the gist.