Wednesday, 23 March 2011

THIS CHAIR "ROCKS'!!!..Literally.. it is called a "Dexter" chair and it has 3 springs at the back of the base. The chair bounces gently as you snuggle up on the blanket covered seat with your favourite book. These are very popular pieces of furniture. I wish I could find lots more...but they are hard to find. Originally from around 1930...there are two styles with various arm designs. There is a "Male" Dexter which has higher arms and a head rest. The "Female" Dexter..has smaller arms because women used to sit in them and knit.
 This is a wonderful Bi-product of what we do. This Pear shaped doorstop is made up of the left overs from "Resurekting" the furniture. The body of the pear is made up from the cushion covers from the 1970's couches. The stem and leaf are made from the left over vinyl from old stool seats. They are then filled to give them some weight and they work perfectly.
 This brightly coloured stool is covered in a reclaimed 1970's curtain. The chair is adjustable and swivels.
Today was a dark and stormy day in Launceston...but that doesn't seem to deter people from coming into the shop. I met some very interesting people today and they are loving what we are doing , which is really nice. The positivity keeps the imagination and creativity flowing. I had a few return customers who bought another piece for their collections. Thank you to everybody for their wonderful support. We have now been open for only 6 weeks and a lot of our pieces are walking out the door. Onward and upward...Lots more to come.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

hmmm, what to start with... loving having the shop... it's really exciting that people are being so  positive about our concept. Hopefully our profile will be raised in the coming months here in Launny. We've got a lot of fab new things planned for the shop, including a range of ottomans and chairs upholstered in wool that has been organically dyed (maybe with some leaf prints - experiments ongoing!). Going to hit the glass cutter today to start on the pendant light fittings, and we are determined to finish the tyre swan!
kiddies activity desk; resurekt-ed from an old telephone table!
Set of 4 dining chairs; distressed green paintwork with woollen blanket seats
a small selection of the extensive range of 'TanyaLove' cards available at the store
a selection of the HIDEYO bags available at our store
30's vase, new finish inside and out

30's vases, newly finished inside and out
High stool, black metal with multi-coloured wooolen seat and back
metal low stool, green with a woolen blanket seat
Timber High-chair 'trompe-ed' with clouds and balloons, and a puffy cloud foot-rest
New high stool in store now, 70's black metal frame and woollen blanket.
* Accidently used a blanket with very significant sentimental value! oh well, now lots of people will benefit from it! *