Saturday, 6 August 2011

New Direction

Hi everyone, sorry we haven't posted anything for a while but there's been a few quite significant changes in the Resurekt world. The biggest is that we have closed our shopfront in Invermay. There were several reasons for this, not the least of them being that it simply became too difficult to man (or woman) it. Both Matt and I have decided to take the business in a different direction and so, beginning in October you should be starting to see us at various local markets and we are currently working on an increased and more informative internet presence.  This will give us the opportunity to focus more directly on providing a high quality product, without the need to fill a whole shop! We will be moving into a workshop/studio space at the end of August, enabling us to centralise all of our work in one place, instead of a combination of our garage and the dining room table! We will keep all of you posted as to when and where, and the new pics will start very soon! And we both want to say a big thank you to our dearest friend and staunchest supporter, Tanya Murray (of  'Suburban Jubilee' fame). We couldn't have achieved so much in the time that we have been operating if it hadn't been for her (and Craigs) friendship and loyalty. Thanks also to all of the customers and friends that supported our gorgeous little shop. Stay tuned for our next incarnation!!!!!!